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Conjunction 2020

Growing up I dont ever remember the wandering stars ("planets") being this bright. These two just so happen to be brighter than ever at the same time as overlapping one another perfectly? What must the odds be of something like this happening if things were chaotic balls flying at unfathomable speeds through three dimensions? It would be impossible. And to think of all the incredible signs in the heavens that weve seen in the past 4 years, since the "great american eclipse". And that's not even mentioning the sun and moon are brighter than they've ever been!

These types of things always remind me of my highschool physics teacher, christian club leader but crypto jew, 777 email adress. He would love to stress on how PERFECT everything was here on earth, all while peddling the nasa garbage. Im sure in their mind they were doing right by at least making the cgi balls less "random chaos" than normal, but that just pisses me off even more, because they knew the truth but willingly told the lies anyways, all while pretending to be more pious about the deception. Pharisee for sure. I hate phoneys and I'm glad to know that Jesus also detests them. Anyways, enjoy the photos. This is NOT random. We live in a world that was very much created for us, and it's not a space ball. The heavens are here for signs, and this means something big.