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Handsigns, or mudras are similar to gematria (33) and color coding. Handsigns are a hidden-in-plain-sight method of communication for those in control. The TV and the media is indeed a big source of many handsigns, but everyday people do the same thing. This page will not be full of A-list celebrities throwing devil horns and one eye symbolism. That has been done before, and better. What I can share is how this goes way beyond just famous people, and maybe some things the 'illuminati conspiracy' croud doesn't mention. For instance, if you don't know what 'magic wand hand' is, consider this article. Hillary is in bright ORANGE holding 'her' hand as if she is holding a magic wand. Do you see it?
Before I get to the gallery, I want to just give some bullet points.

I'll use the 'pointing' character for the bullet points. Pointing itself is a handsign, one that has an understanding to everyone, secret handsign thrower or not, pointing is useful in comunication, sometimes. Another sign I'll get to in the gallery is a 'magic wand' hand, and pointing your pointer finger out at someone is kind of like the body's built in 'magic wand'. Think of how easy it is to imagine a wicked green witch pointing 'her' long finger at someone. Some people react violently to being pointed at. One really common handsign you see people using, and everyday people too, is pointing directly up, or directly down. Seems like when people are being obvious about the pointing they point upwards, and tend to point down in a more subtle way. These people are obsessed with 'as above so below' and it seems demonic how they subtly point down, like they're trying to reference hell in some way.
Probably the most common handsign to see everyday people do is the triad claw. Tons of people do this sign that all the 'royals' do in ye-olden paintings and such. I'm guessing people do this handsign to assert that 'they know' about this big group of people who all do these handsigns. It seems like that's about as far as some of the handsign throwers understand it. Many many many people in my life constantly throw the triad claw. They like to do it before entering your house, or when standing around and especially when talking about something to you. It's like they're trying to subconciously assert dominance by putting on a handsign that 'mighty and powerful important people' from the past all did.
Speaking of handsigns from the past, the hidden hand should be equally as known as the triad claw. I also see this one very frequently in public done by 'regular people', though it's pretty over the top to do it in a jacket like napoleon, and most people simply put one of their hands over the other. Remember the Alanis song about putting one hand in the pocket? I'm guessing that those who use the hidden hand know that there is a 'hidden hand' that controls the narrative of society, and that everyone is along for the ride. These people are play-pretenders, street theater preformers, who love to go along with the writing of his-story through staged events and psyops. These are the people who 'go along with it' at those "hypnotize the audience" shows. Yeah, those are rigged, you've been surrounded by a big group of street preformers your whole life. These hand sign throwers are the ones who love pontificating on strange reasons why napolean always had his hand inside his coat. Rather than explain the hidden hand is a hand sign for a childish secret society, they make up countless excuses. These people know humans are gullible and generally believe whatever bullshit excuse you pull out of a hat. Anyways, a personal story about this, I've seen two freemartins greet eachother with the hidden hand before. One walked up to the counter, and he and the person behind the counter both did a hidden hand sign to one another, then they continued on with their trans-action (they were probably buddies from the same lodge). I was in a wedding and the masonic groom made sure to inform me to hold my hands in a certain way during the ceremony. He had me put one of my hands over the other, in a hidden hand pose.
I would say that the hidden hand is a very 'masonic' style of handsign, the other end of the spectrum is devil horns and the baphomet (peace) sign. Have you ever wondered why so many people threw the 'peace' sign? Usually these people are vain, with about a dozen braincells bouncing around their head, but they're obsessed with peace? I never understood, until I learned that the 'peace' sign is actually the baphomet handsign, and those people are baphomet worshippers. They will often "subtly" throw devil horns, too. Watch when people wave 'hi' or 'bye', especially during the intro / conclusion to any youtube video. Watch their hands. My family throws devil horns all the time and I used to think they were just being edgy and because they liked metal music. These people are satanic, they teach their very young children to throw the signs. Anyways, my brother has held his hand 'subtly' in the form of devil horns, while telling a story. It makes me wonder if the story was a lie, or had some sort of satanic agenda behind it, or if he just wanted to trigger me. God forbid you still have facebook, but if you do, you are gauranteed to find many friends who throw devil horns "subtly" in their photos. Often times people will point using devil horns rather than pointing normally. I've been stopped at a red light before only to look out my window at the truck next to me, and the person is flashing their hand at me, and their hand was doing devil horns.

Now that i've done some lengthier explinations I'll try making a lot of short points about handsigns.

You can't get a sport more masonic than baseball, and in baseball handsigns are a big deal for the pitcher / catcher (sexual inuendo is a big part of the way 'they' operate, so its no surprise these terms are sexualized today, wide receiver, give me a break).
Handsigns are something that is forced in the masonic highschool system. Most schools have devil horns, or baphomet handsign variations.
Magicians are known for sleight of hand. Lots of freemartins are extremely interested in learning sleight of hand skills. Handsigns being a sort of 'magic' appeals to the bapho crowd. It's a secret language to them.
In lots of media people cast spells using their hands. Or in things like star wars people use 'the force' with their hands.
"Watch the hands" is a sort of meme, and something I recall martin friends of mine bringing up randomly. I also recall a friend talking about some sort of 'invisible hand'. Probably a hidden hand reference.
Many cultures are said to talk with their hands.
Why is "i love you" devil horns in sign language?
Why is the "ok" sign look like 666 in sign language?
Why are sign language interpreters such a big thing on TV now? How did that happen so quickly?
It has been suggested that the idea of 'native americans' saying "how" and holding up their hands was a way for the indians to check for a 6th finger (alleged trait of the nephalim) and/or possibly to look at their digit ratio. Politicians hold their hand in this position when taking oaths over the bible. Never take oaths!
Kind of goes without saying, but people are expected to 'seal the deal' with a handshake.
Also goes without saying, that handshakes are types of handsigns, and secret handshakes are known aspect of secret societies. Did you know that mormonism has it's own silly masonic handsigns and rituals? If you haven't seen the behind the scenes footage of mormon temples you can watch here.
Similar to how each highschool has their own handsigns (forced societal memes, why don't highschools exist that say, no, handsigns are stupid) having secret handshakes is also a sort of meme in every-day society, and also the media. Friends make up their own, often complex, series of movements to constitute the "handshake".
One time I was in line at a local sandwich shop, and some gypsy woman came in line behind me and was doing really strange movements with her hands the whole time. I think some of these people really do try to 'cast spells' with their hands. Have you ever personally seen random people in public doing strange repetitive motions with their hands?