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Orange is the only major color that equals 33 in gematria (actually, PEACH = 33 in unreduced pythagorean, though peach is almost even a shade of orange). Try paying attention to how often very bright obnoxious orange colors are used on tv, advertising, celebrities, magazines, logos, etc etc... This page will doccument some interesting ORANGE connections, and I might share some stories from my life.

Ever wondered why the book / movie is called a clockwork orange?

Orange is a big inside joke for those in-the-know. Think of how much bright orange is involved with NASA.

The two major childrens broadcasting companies (controlled opposition, they play both sides) are Disney and Nickelodeon. Disney has an elite club called Club 33 (so on the nose), and Nickelodeon is all about the bright orange. The Nick logo is a giant orange foot. They say it's because the pedo Dan Schneider has a thing for feet.

By the way, 'nick' is a nick-name for eunuch. You-nick. You know what they say about actors, right? Back in ye-olden times, the female parts were played by men. There's a second hidden joke there. The hidden joke is, that it's not just in ye-olden times that the females were played by men, it's still that way today! I often think of the Mitch Hedberg joke "I used to do drugs..... I still do, but I used to, too!". The women "used to" be played by men. They still are! But they used to, too!

The orange heart emoji is very popular

They think of the color Orange as a type of inside joke. One guy at my highschool wore orange every day of the year, people called him orange kid. Actors and politicians have numerous gaudy orange outfits. Nancy (a term for a feminine man), shown here in a mask with oranges, has numerous bright orange suits.