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The images will speak for themselves. This page is on the same topic as the page Skeletons in the Closet. All you need to know about hollywood is that everything is fake. But they will endlessly 'joke' about the truth and laugh in the faces of those who don't get it. There are so many more examples like this out there, I picked these images quickly off the top of my head, but can already think of so many more. Gucci mane had an FTM pregnancy, for example. So did Joe from from impractical jokers.
Disclaimer: this does NOT only happen to celebrities. Many 'every day' people do the same thing. "sympathy weight" is an excuse for an ftm pregnancy. I've heard people talk about a 'male' coworker who gets fat all of a sudden and disappears for a year and then comes back and acts like nothing happened. My own family is a part of this. I've seen pregnancy photos of my 'dad' pregnant with me, and my mom pretending to be pregnant. Disturbing, but it's the truth. Satanists do everything backwards. People who worship baphomet are all about this inversion. They want to invert God's creation as much as possible. I was never initiated into any of this; I believe my family tried to initiate me into the cult living as a woman, but something happened and I somehow was saved that fate. Praise God for protecting me and for showing me the truth. Learning the truth about this stuff made my whole life make sense.

the 'girls' fake it and the boys 'go to rehab'
see the handsign(s)?

beyonce / boy-once

"joking about the truth" is one of their favorite forms of disclosure

these people "joke" about things normal people don't find funny to joke about
watch the video

triad claw on the 'wife'. bam frequents 'rehab'

k-fed is a breeder (ftm they use to carry children)

rob kardashian has a clown-car uterus

the back of a pregnant woman

it's not a joke, and it's not funny


who just gave birth?

yes these are real photos of vin deisel, search google for vin deisel fat / vin deisel pregnant. In some of the photos 'he' is holding an unlit cig. I've seen photoshopped in fake beers/wine, too, in celebrity ftm pregnancy photos.

one real one fake
in what world are pregnant women stick skinny with veins popping out?

again, not funny, not a joke

link to the article

Some videos:

Interesting video of billy corgan
Brian May Slip-Up
Why Leo Has No Movies Coming Out 2020