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Rumours of Wars

Matthew 24:6
And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.”

This page gives a basic overview of my ideas on how modern war is not real, it is theater. Specific war pages can be found here:

Hoax Wars

★ The Civil War

★ WWII / Cold War

In the book 1984, the big-brother party is always "at war" with a nation who's name keeps changing back and forth. The thing about the book 1984 is, it's not so much a prophetic book, as it was a book written by someone in-the-know. Often times allegories about "the future" are actually telling us about the present, or the past. The book was published in 1949, which puts 1984 as being only 35 years 'in the future'. Today in 2020, more time has passed since 1984, than time between 1984 and the publishing date, 1949. And it's common knowledge that the government is 'decades ahead' of what they show the public. So if the book 1984 was being written 'prophetically' about a time that is only 30 some years in the future... The point is, they have always been doing these things. Faking wars. Erasing words. Eugenics programs. They have always been happening. Same thing with Alduous Huxley's work. It is not prophetic in nature at all, but an allegory about the present in which it was written.

satan and his minions are tricksters, illusionists, think of the wizard of oz, just a dumpy old freemartin wizard with flashy lights, pyrotechnics, and a speaker system. A general rule for the way these people operate is, nobody got hurt, nobody died. It is much easier to put on a street-theater preformance, and convince people that there was death and destruction, than it is to actually cause death and destruction. Dead bodies are messy and take a lot of man-power to deal with. Actors in stage blood just go take a shower at the end of the day.

People think it would be impossible to fake something like a war. But since it's all top-down, and people just do what they're told, it's actually really easy. War footage is produced and distributed to the masses. Think of how many WWII propaganda films were produced. Would real warfare consist of so much media coverage? Or wouldn't it just be massive bloodshed? Those who are selected to be 'at war' are shipped all over the place and are given menial tasks to complete, until the 'conflict' is resolved. Most people don't want to talk about their war experience because they don't want to let people down when they say that nothing interesting happened. People who gleefully talk about all the people they killed are big liars.

One person I know did nothing but deliver mail in vietnam. And another person I know, in a fake derka-derka war, did nothing but sweep dirt, light their feces on fire, and guard poppy fields. Kind of ironic that many of the dudes who gaurded the poppy fields ended up coming home, getting hooked on opiates, and then later dying because of it.

One of the biggest ways those in control operate is through the 'big club' street theater aspect. It's a BIG CLUB. There are tons of ready and willing masons that would gladly get their leg amputated in order to pretend a land mine blew it off. There are people out there who actively want to become amputees, so thats an obvious recruitment pool right there. Again, if people "die" in modern war, they are likely a masonic agent who is starting a new life somewhere. I will say that lots of baphos do commit suicide and/or die of drug overdoses, so those stories could be real. But humans are not gunning one another down in modern warfare how the TV would have you believe. It just doesn't happen, and isn't even necessary, because the one world government is already in place. Modern 'politics' is just theater. They are actors. Ugly badly passing ones.

I should cover the spell-craft involved with hoax wars, because things are on-the-nose, which is typical. They hide the truth in plain sight by speaking in signs and symbols and punns. The civil war was indeed a civil "war" because it was nothing but a masonic play-production between the red-lodge and blue-lodge of freemasonry. The pen is mightier than the sword, because writing fake his-story is more relevent today than actually going around and killing people. Coming up with stories to deceive people is fun times for these satanic deceivers. Nobody wants to go through the effort of actually murdering people when they can just make up a story, take some choice photographs, go on a camping trip with the lodge, and call it a day. More on the civil "war": they refer to different "theaters", for example. All the world's a stage. Theater of war. It is theater.

Some more obvious ones, world war one famously "ended" at 11AM on the 11th day of the 11th month. Yeah, thats 33. Free-Masonry. Ever wondered why all major modern wars seem to "end" before any country actually gets decimated by another country? I've played LOTS of Red-Alert type videogames in my life and that's not how it ever works. You go in and completely destroy the enemy, then you win. Modern 'war' never works like this. That's why in all the "bombing" that allegedly happened in WWII in London, nobody once bombed big ben. Pilots would have gone out of their way to be the person who bombs big ben. If the war was real the germans would have bombed buckingham palace into ashses. But the "air raids" were nothing but a cover for planned demolition of old world buildings (I need to make a page on this).

When I think of the Cold War (another "war" with an oxymoronic name) I think of the Iron Curtain, which is another theater reference. What do you know...
The derka-derka wars are all fake. Oil does not come from the desert, it is likely made from plant material. America is getting more and more middle eastern residents, which shows all of those alleged conflicts were a bunch of bullshit. The videos of people in caves "beheading people" come out of America. Osama and Obama are the same actor.

That's it for now, I will be adding in Galleries of images for the different hoax conflicts. You often see that people look extremely bored, there are tons of "bodies" on the ground with zero blood. You see lots of duper's delight and other strange things. Old photos of the "civil war" make it pretty clear it was nothing but a masonic camping trip.

I just had a conversation with my brother regarding a teacher he had who would carry a slide rule around and go on rants (unrelated). Apparently this teacher would tell the plot to a twilight zone episode and tell people it was his personal vietnam story.