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For now, I'm making this page because I do have intentions of organizing things (mostly my links page) in the future at some point. T-pocalypse is a huge topic, of course, so it makes sense to have a place to compile t-pocalypse related links.

If you somehow got here and don't know what the T-stands for, you should check this page out.

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110 year old dress, silouette, long neck

Hollow-Back Girl

Hollow-Back Girl
From a youtube comment
HK:Hahaha when i read your comment, i remember my flat-back 'sister' told me years ago, when i was a young girl, that i had such a hollow back!! Oh yeah, there was so much wrong with my body, compared to all the 'girls' around me.
Greetings from the Netherlands

DD:@Herma Koppier Does “hollow back” refer to the curve that females have? It reminds me of that Gwen Stefani song “hollaback girl” where he tells us over & over that he “ain’t no hollaback girl”.

Me:Interesting connection "aint no hollow-back girl" thanks for all the comments. People used to make fun of me for being skinny and would try to say i wasnt manly because of it. These people preach "all shapes and sizes" and then make fun of natural bodies. Theyre sick.

Trying On a 110 Years Old Dress
1,325,644 views • Apr 23, 2019

At 11 mins, the presenter talks about their naturally long neck.
Just after 12 minutes, the presenter talks about the silouette.
Just after 13 minutes, the presenter talks again about the silouette, and how this (expensive) upper-class clothing was specifically tailored to give you a female silouette, even when you don't have one (and without needing to put in effort, the clothes do all the work, expert tailoring).