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Vaccines are Witchcraft: Medical Mark of the Beast

Art History 1

Art History 2

Letter From Real Woman

Museums are Full of Junk Art Projects

Whale of a Tale

Signs in the Heavens

Native American Restaurants

How the Seasons Work

Aquariums Use Screens

The Zealotry of Sciencism

Reasons Outer Space is Fake

There's No Place Like Space!

Video for people who believe in space

How the Moon Phases Work

Civil War was a Masonic Hoax

Empty Houses and Fake Businesses

Glory Days

Growing Up Bapho

Lake Wobegon


Pomp and Circumstance

School is for Inverts

School Makes You Dumb

Should We Read the Bible in School?

Universities are Over-Hyped Garbage


Brainwashed Since Birth

Why Everyone is Exhausted

What 10 Seconds Was Like in the 90s

Undeniable Proof Time is Faster

Time is REALLY Going Faster

Lamentation, Shills, Time Speeding Up

Joshua's Long Day Really Happened

How is 2020 Almost Over?

Time Ain't What It Used To Be

End Times Signs Nobody Wants to Talk About

Ain't Nobody Got Time for Three Meals a Day!

The 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month

The London Blitz to Destroy History

D Day Was Boring

WW2 Hoax Air Raids

Vietnam was a Masonic Hoax