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We Miss Yellow Sun

California Sun 12/18/2020

Imagine you're 5 years old again, drawing a picture of your house on a sunny day. In the top left corner, you're about to color in the sun. What color crayon do you grab?

I remember in school a thing they liked to tell us over and over was "DONT LOOK AT THE SUN!!!!!" Being the kind of person I am, I tested it out to see what the fuss was about. This was in the 90s. Back then you could look at the sun and it wasnt a big deal! The sun was a warm yellow color, and it did not blind you to look at the sun. I looked directly at the sun many many times when I was young and I have perfect vision today (I'm over 30, now). In fact, "sun-gazing" wouldn't even be a thing if it was dangerous to look directly at the sun. Though, these days, the sun is much too-bright to sun gaze, so I don't suggest trying. But even if you try you will see that God did not create us in a foolish way so that we can easily look at something as ubiquitous as the sun, and somehow that will destroy our vision. You know when something is too bright to look at and you will instinctively look away. The sun in the 90s was not that bright, you could comfortably look directly at it for more than a few seconds. I'm speaking from experience, here.
I do believe that those in control really wanted to program people to not look at the sun, because they knew the sun would be getting brighter. It is part of end-times prophecy after all. See the page on the brighter moon, the same verse also talks about the sun being 7 times brighter.

Why the Sudden Change?

I believe the sudden and complete change from incandesent lighting to LED was to mimic the changing sun. Incandesent lighting is warm and yellow, exactly how the sun used to shine in the sky. As the sun got brighter and hotter, indoor lighting has quickly been replaced with the uber-bright LED lighting that gives off a cooler blue almost ultra-violet purple feel, rather than the warm inviting yellow and infra-red of old sun. LED lighting feels too bright, sterile, and uninviting. Incandesent is warm inviting light, that looks great. Often times people look horrible in halogen / fluorescent / LED lighting compared to the old incandesent lighting. These days you need to go to specialy lightbulb websites if you want to purchase the old style lighting.