Jesus is the Way (out)

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. There is no way to the Father, but through Jesus. Period. This is why modern day "Jews" (synagogue of satan) hate Jesus so much. This is why atheists, pagans, science worshippers, all single out Christianity as their punching bag. This is why Jesus Christ is constantly blasphemed on the TV (his name is Jesus! do not fall for the false doctrine of the modern day pharisees).

When an airplane hits some extreme turbulance, a lot of "agnostics" and "spiritual but not religious" people sure do start pleading to God and Jesus for their safety.

One time, I was on a kick of watching youtube videos of extreme carnival-style rides. The kind that slingshots two passengers into an experience way beyond 'enjoyment' and well into 'PTSD inducing'. Experiences like that can bring anyone to Jesus in an instant. I didnt hear one person call out to buddha to save them from the experience. Not once. I've never heard someone ask for Vishnu or Odin to 'take the wheel'. Ever heard of the Jesus nut on a helicopter?

Point being, we all know Jesus is the correct answer. God is merciful, and of course He did not make salvation niche or hard to find. It is the obvious answer. I guess it's worth pointing out how I was not raised under any religion. In fact, I used to have a strong distaste for most christians, because they felt phony to me. That being said, I always knew that if I did eventually come to learn that God is real, I knew that Jesus was the truth and the bible was correct.

John 10:27
My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

Part of how salvation works is that everybody needs to be given the oportunity. Free-will gives us each the oportunity to see the truth and cling to it, or to reject it. If satan destroyed the bible and did everything he could to hide it, that would defeat the purpose. It would make no sense if the true way to salvation was obscure and nobody knew about it. God preserves his Word and makes sure the whole earth hears the gospel. That's why everyone knows who Jesus is. Notice how hollywood mocks the idea with things like Jesus Christ Superstar, and the idols of the world's stage like to brag about being as big/popular as Jesus. No, satan does not want to hide God's word, he wants to mock it, and flip it upside down, and get as many people to reject it as possible.

This is why 'Christianity' is the main religion of USA (modern day babylon), but it is a plastic, phoney, 501C3 version. Consider how many Christian churches there are, denominations, etc, but almost none of them preach that the Bible is truth. These 501C3 churches preach nasa outer space land, dinosaurs, and celebrate pagan hollidays like 'christmas' (saturnalia) even though in the book of Jeremiah, the 'christmas tree' ritual is clearly spoken of as a pagan tradition that is not to be followed. The simple answer is that modern churches are comprimised and run by wolves in sheep's clothing. I've never heard of a sizeable church that preaches the truth that the earth is flat and unmoving, dinosaurs are a HOAX, and who focus on repentance, rather than talking about love, love, love, pauline stuff all day. I don't even want to open that can of worms right now, the Paul stuff, It's going to have to be its own page.

It took me less than 3 years of truth-searching to wake up to all sorts of satanic deception that has been hidden-in-plain-sight the whole time. The devil is in the detail. Why have none of these church leaders found the same thing? Have they spent zero time looking for the truth? Why do they blindly follow traditions of men, of the world, that directly contradict the bible? If you confront them about it they will brush it aside and ignore you.

Now that I've laid some groundwork, I'll tell my personal finding Jesus story. The first time I properly heard the gospel, I was in my early teens, at the beach, and stopped with a friend of mine to listen to two 501C3 type preachers. That night on the car ride home, I did what the preachers were talking about; I tried having a conversation with God in my head, asking to be forgiven and to be saved through Jesus. I definitely felt something in the moment, though, like seed tossed by the wayside, what happened that night was quickly forgotten about and I was caught up in the world for the next 15 or so years of my life. Not that I blame myself, I grew up in a baphomet family (unbeknownst to me) and it's not like I had access to a KJV bible or people I could talk to about it. So I kinda just forgot about it. An man, did those 15 years drag on. Time used to go much more slowly then.

This brings me to my 'awakening' moment. At this point in my life, I had completed all my earthly studies, I had my degrees from the masonic univserity system, and I was using my degree to teach in my field. I was pretty much a 'normie' at that point in my life, though it's probably better to describe me as plain gullible and blind to everything that was right in front of my face. Not completely duped, however, I had plenty of 'instincts' about things, and faded memories that were waiting to blossom into larger understandings.

Sometimes students would have little questonaires for me. And one day an ROTC (military) student of mine had a questionaire asking what were the 3 most important things in my life. I'm not the kind of person to just shout out answers if I'm unsure. In the moment, I was rather taken aback that such a simple question could leave me completely dumbfounded. I told the student that I didn't know off the top of my head and that he should ask again later and I will have had time to properly think about it. I remember thinking how odd it was that I was almost thirty years old and couldn't come up with what was the most important thing to me, let alone come up with a top 3 list.

After carefully considering my list, and also considering all the trite answers people typically throw out, like "family" (I don't even like my earth family), I finally decided on not a top 3 list, but on a single thing that I could agree was the most important thing to me. The truth. The truth is the most important thing to me.

At the time I had never actually read the bible and I had no idea that Jesus tells us that He is the truth!

I believe that in that moment, the moment in which I decided for myself that the truth was the most important thing to me, that everything in my life started to change. I had just recovered from alcoholism that gripped me in my mid twenties. I started waking up to all sorts of conspiracy truth, and especially the big secret about people's skeletons. I eventually ended up quitting my job and starting a youtube channel, and waking up more and more to the great deception that the world is now under. In that way I'm one of those people who was brought to God through satan. I finally saw satan's influence over this world, and how easily I was fooled by the vain philosophies of this earth and by earthly things. Before I woke up, I wanted to have a big brain and have people think I was smart because I memorized things from textbooks written by liars. Thankfully, Jesus opened my eyes and I was no longer hypnotized by the prince of the power of the air. I was no longer blinded by science (seance), as they say.

That's mostly it. As far as my awakening goes and revelation and all that, sure, there were a few key understandings that were revealed to me, over time. But that's just how I woke up to the truth. Not everyone needs to understand gematria or know about orange coding. Not everyone even needs to know the earth is flat to be saved through Jesus Christ. That's just how I got here. It has been said before that 'once you get the message, hang up the phone'. Once you know this earth is doomed to burn, and that everything on TV is a deception, and that most of the world is going down the broad way to destruction, it really puts things into perspective; though, at times it's hard to face the facts that none of this really matters. It is finished. Jesus Christ is the only way out.