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Outer Space is Fake and Gay
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Similar to the topic of gravity, which has been discussed many times by many people, it is almost 'common knowledge' by now, for those who question the narrative, that everything out of NASA is fake and gay. Some people get 'stuck' on the moon landing. Some people get 'stuck' on NASA. The simple truth is, everything they tell you about outer-space is a lie, because no such place exists.

There's No Place Like Space!
Get it???

The earth is flat and unmoving and we live under the firmament. There's water up there ("comets" look like flashlights underwater), not a vacuum. Just a warning that this topic is pushed so heavily and there is so much bullshit to unpack that there is absolutely no way to cover it all on one page. This is scratching the surface. Outer space fantasy land programming starts from the day you are born, and is incessantly pounded into your brain 24 / 7 for your entire life. You're surrounded by satanic deceiver shills who get off on saying the word "planet" as many times per day as possible. These people probably also have globes in their houses/office and love talking about space.
Since this topic has been discussed many times by many people, I'll try to share images and ideas I don't hear enough people talk about.
One thing everyone should know is that the word "nasha" means 'to deceive' in hebrew. I frequently see people say that NASA (without the h) means to deceive, which probably gives shills an easy way to call them out as being (technically) incorrect. There's this thing that those in control like to invoke, "plausable deniability". Who gets to decide what is plausable and not is up for debate, but you'll see normies (the matrix) and agents constantly appeal to "plausable deniability" by saying, well, good thing it's NASA and not NasHa!.

What do you think goes through the average hebrew-speaker's mind when they learn the meaning of the hebrew word "Nasha"?

Speaking of more 'plausable deniability', it's frequently stated that NASA is satan without the "T". Something that wasn't pointed out until recently is that when NASA does their countdowns (inversion) they call the numbers "T-minus". We found the missing T!
Another commonly known and spoken of truth is how nasa's red chevron (chevron = 33) represents the tongue of a serpent. All of these things should be common knowledge. It seems more and more people are realising how important symbolism is to those in control.
I guess it's worth pointing out that satan is the prince of the power of the air, and NASA is all about shooting rockets (they love phallic / sexual imagery) into the air. For those with the eyes to see, it's clear that the rockets don't go very high up, because there is a firmament above us! They also shoot over the open ocean, very convenient.
It's also worth pointing out that the White Sands V-2 Launching Site was known as Complex 33. NASA also has an app called Sector 33.
I guess I should just get it over with and list off well-known things that everyone should already know at this point, but if you're late to the party, that's okay too, just get on board (the 11th hour).

☾ Wernher von Braun's tombstone references psalms 19:1, which references the firmament.
☾ There is a "replica" of the ISS that is underwater. Coupled with the other well-known fact of videos of bubbles in "space", and it's clear how they make "space walks". It's scuba.
☾ "Vomet comets" and hollywood greenscreen is how the interrior ISS videos are made. The inside of the ISS looks like a junkyard, because if they make the background look cluttered and complex, your brain thinks it's more legit somehow. Eventhough if this stuff was real life, having tons of wires exposed all over the place would be dangerous.
☾  Nobody is ever scared "in space" except for in the movies. It's because there's no danger, it's hollywood.
☾  Speaking of no danger, there's a well-known article out of NASA talking about one of their astro-nots almost drowning. If you know the secret about all the NASA "space walk" bullshit being done using SCUBA, then the story makes sense.
☾  It's well known the "columbia disaster" was a hoax. Nobody goes inside the glorified bottle rockets when they launch!! It's smoke and mirrors. The "columbia disaster" actors continued life living as another person. Masons love faking deaths and becoming new people. If you've never researched columbia disaster survivors before you should, because some of them barely changed anything about themselves for their new persona.
☾  For the last point I'll just say tons of work has already been done debunking the crappy "proof" out of nasa. They used hollywood magic to trick the masses. It's that simple. Many people have done great work debunking the crack addict hobo tent NASA calls the "lunar landar". I tend to agree with the general consensus that the director stanley kubrick (kuBRICK brick = masonry reference) is the person who directed the "moon landing".
☾  Okay, the last well known one I'll mention is the land line phone call from Nixon "to the moon", and the semi recent "live" preformance from that goofy canadian "on the ISS".

the PHONE is a big symbol, phone = phoney
notice the duping delight

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I'll just mention a few things that I don't really hear enough people talk about.
Orange is the only color that equals 33 in gematria, and those in control are obsessed with the color orange. I have an entire page dedicated to orange because it's that important, just as important as the 33. If you understand Orange coding, you will see that NASA is covered in orange. The only major colored suit for nasa comes in a very bright shade of orange. Bright orange is a Calling Card for those in-the-know. The rocket boosters are also bright orange. The official drink of the astro-nots is tang, an orange drink. Also worth pointing out is the silly and unecessary pulley that the orange suits have. Pulleys are very important when building large masonry buildings.

I think I've said enough about NASA. It's not just NASA, the entire concept of outer space is wrong, and the deception has been going on much longer than the TV-era. So I'll end by talking about the general outer space deception, though NASA stuff will likely come up anwyays, it's hard to seperate outer space and NASA; NASA is ubiquitous.
The firmament is an optical device. Yes, the moon is a hologram. Have you ever noticed how if someone is speaking truth or doubting the 'official narative', then people will come out of the woodwork and say, "oh yeah, and the earth is flat, too, right?!" These people are mocking. They know the earth is flat, and one of their M.O.s (how they operate) is mocking the truth, making jokes of the truth. Another common "joke" they say is "oh yeah, and the moon is a hologram". That statement isn't wrong. Thats why the moon and the sun follow the observer as they move. It's an optical illusion.
Ever noticed how much "optical illusion" books are pushed on children? Also 'I spy' type books, looking for hidden images, the devil is in the detail. Anyways, just something to think about. I think about the 'haunted mansion' ride at disneyland and at the end the hologram ghost that follows you around. What about the angry sun level in mario 3, where the sun keeps following you no matter how far you run? I'm getting distracted...
In my opinion, the firmament acts as a giant lense, or optical device, that shows us what is inside of the heavens. The sun and moon look different on the horizon because of optical properties. This stuff is all optical. Not worth getting into all this here, but sunsets and what they tell you is the bottom of a boat 'going over the curve' is actually just optics and how the horizon works. Images get fuzzed near the horizon because too much visual information is crammed into a finite space, and there's some lensing going on, think mirage. Mirages used to be a big meme in the media, especially cartoons. Oh, here I go getting distracted again...
I think the important point that I don't see people mentioning, is that images taken from binoculars or microscopes tend to look slightly spherical in shape, even though the object being imaged is flat. A topic that has been covered before so I won't go into it here is how almost every single image you see of "outer-space" is really thousands of images stitched together into one image. Yeah, that's not real life.

What goes


must come


Wernher von Braun and Disney 'magic wand' like objects in their hand




The following images were taken through binoculars.

wandering star 'jupiter' seen through binoculars. Research inverse square law. How can something (allegedly) so far away, from both us and the (alleged) light source, be so bright?




The following images were taken through a microscope

Did you know if you look backwards through a pair of binoculars it acts like a microscope?




what google calls "real photos" of saturn are obvious CGI

More true to life images of the heavens are extremely hard to come by, and they are not space-balls.

Usually when people see actual images of the heavens they are 'disappointed' because it doesn't look like the cgi bullshit.

That one time nasa passed off petrified wood as a 'moon rock'.

satanic deceivers

hips dont lie

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