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Signs in the Heavens

Luke 21:25
And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

I should start with the moon. The moon is the more variable between the sun and moon. The moon seems to be a more frequent bearer of signs than the sun is.
If someone is really out there, one might say they're "from the moon" or tell them to go check themselves into the looney bin.
Note that these lists are not in any particular order.

Signs in the Moon

☾ The moon is brigher than it used to be. Fulfils Isaiah 30:26.
☾ We see the moon during the daytime all the time now. It used to be rare. This also fulfills Isaiah 30:26 because when the moon shines during the day, it is shining like the sun.
☾ Many people have noticed that the moon appears to disappear for a while, for more than just a few days. Then it reappears again one night like nothing was going on.
☾  I believe the moon is larger on the horizon than it used to be. I recently saw a full moon that was the biggest I've ever seen. A few minutes later it was normal sized. I think this optical effect is more pronounced today than in times past. The 'moon illusion' is an optical illusion, because the firmament is optical and the moon we see in the sky is a projected image. You're not actually looking at the moon itself. Also, worth noting here, the moon is flat, it just looks curved because of optics. See this page.
☾  In school they will never teach the fact that the moon is cold. The sun is a hot light and the moon is a cold light. Not only is the moon brighter than it used to be, but it is also colder than it used to be. This is why those in control changed "global warming" into "climate change". It's not just hotter, but the winters are more extreme, too. Because both the sun and moon are brighter.
☾  NASA recently announced the moon is rusting. It has been suggested they are hinting that the prophecy of the moon turning to blood has been fulfilled. Since blood contains iron. And rust is iron oxide. I have noticed that there are a lot more red moons these days. Joel 2:31
☾  I have personally seen a moon phase that seemed to be pointing in a weird direction. I did not grow up being obsessed with the moon and the phases, so I'm mostly just throwing this out there in case others have had a similar feeling of "hey, I don't think I've ever seen this phase with the dark part pointing in this direction". It happened somewhat recently to me.
☾  The moon now throws off a lot of visible glare, even to the naked eye. The markings on the moon also seem like they're quickly changing. In my childhood it seemed like they stayed constant.
☾  I do not know how, or even if, the moon is actually involved in a total solar eclipse, but I can confirm (I witnessed the american eclipse of 2017) that in the few days proceeding the eclipse, I could tell that the moon was 'too close' to the sun, for the phase of moon it was. The moon was very close to the sun but the cresent was still decently sized. If you don't understand how the moon phases work you might not understand this last one, but I'll upload a video to explain moon phases.

Not as much to say about the sun in terms of signs. Not to say the signs we see aren't important or noticeable. They are!

Signs in the Sun

☼ The sun is much brighter than it used to be. We miss yellow sun / No more blue skies. Fulfils Isaiah 30:26.
☼ Red Lodgers (I need to make a page on this) love to talk about 'the grand solar minimum'. Apparently sunspots have been absent recently.
☼ The two major solar eclipses making a giant X across USA is a huge sign. Notice how one eclipse goes west to east (the 2017 one) and the future eclipse will apparently go east to west. How is that supposed to work in NASA outer space land?
☼  You hear people talk a lot about the magnetic field around earth switching. Could be connected to the sun somehow. I do believe the sun and moon are electric.
☼  I will count weather manipulation as a sign related to the sun, because I frequently see chemtrailing of sunrise and sunset. It could be related to how bright the sun is now. If you're driving early morning and the sun isn't blocked out, it is very blinding these days. Also, on really hot / sunny days they will specifically chem in front of the sun, or create a fake cloud in front of the sun. I will add a weather manipulation page at some point to give photograph examples.

And we will end with signs in the stars.

Signs in the Stars

★ It seems like I only see the brightest 'constelation' type stars now a days. I need a pair of binoculars to see the smaller stars.
★  It seems like the big-dipper is a lot bigger than it used to be. Like it takes up a lot more sky than it used to.
★ Kind of contradictory to the first point, it seems like the wandering stars are a lot brighter than they ever have been. But I guess it kind of makes sense because the wandering stars follow the path of the sun and moon which are both brighter. I recently saw "jupiter" and the "moons" with a pair of binoculars and it was super bright. I do not believe in outer space, I don't know what exactly it all is, but I have some ideas. Everyone should be free to think for themselves.
★  Recently the Betelgeuse star has been dimming. This occured over short time periods, which contradicts everything NASA tells us about outer space fantasy land.
★ Seeing objects in the sky that look exactly like stars, that move, or act strange, has become very common. Maybe these events happened in the past, but not to this frequency. If you spend any reasonable ammount of time outside at night these days you are gauranteed to see things moving up there, or acting strange. The most common sightings are moving stars (not shooting stars, ones that appear to just start moving, usually in one direction, but sometimes not completely straight). Satellites are not real. If satellites were real, and viewable from the ground, we would have been seeing them for a long time now! I say this because I do believe they use drones / blue-beam technology (all those crazy towers they have up everywhere now) to create fake "satellites" in the sky. I believe they do this to further program people into the outer space propaganda, and to make people doubt themselves when they see a real moving star.
I've also seen stars get very very bright and then dim and dissappear. And once I saw a star that was like a 'shooting star' but in very slow motion. It appeared, streaked across a small section of sky slowly, then disappeared. It happened over, say, 3-5 seconds, rather than shooting stars which are much quicker.
★  There was that recent "comet" (neowise) that came out of nowhere. You'd think NASA would be able to predict that stuff by now. Comets look exactly like flashlights being shone underwater.