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Slave-Trade Hoax

If you're triggered by people doubting the official narrative, just leave. I'm not a racist. I do not care what color people's skin is. But I do not believe in the Trans-atlantic slave trade. At least not how they told us in history class.
Just think of the logistics for a second. How are they supposed to keep this many people alive for such long voyages under such miserable conditions? There would be a near one-hundred-percent mortality rate. Logistics. How do you get food to the far parts of the ship when everyone is starving to death and chained up? How did they evenly distribute the rations? How do you manage something like that without complete chaos? How is their excrement dealt with? So many more questions... I personally believe that dark skinned "african americans" were the real natives to the Americas. See native american hoax.

Slaves are extremely expensive. It doesn't make sense to transport slaves in such a wasteful manner and under such horrible conditions. If any slaves managed to survive the voyage they would be in such bad condition they wouldn't even be helpful once they landed. They'd need medical attention. They tell you these harrowing stories of the past because if people emotionally connect with a story they are more likely to believe in it. Also, skeptics are shamed for being 'insensitive' for doubting the claims that are mostly backed up by cartoons and stories people told.
Even from a business standpoint, it makes zero sense to pay a ton of money for slaves in Africa, only to lose a huge number of them on the voyage over. You would simply take less slaves and ensure their survival. A dead slave is pure loss in profit, and that slave had to be paid for. It doesn't make sense because it never happened like this.
I don't know what to expand on this topic with, but I guess I'll point out that I think there could be some validity to the whole 'we wuz kangz' movement. I personally believe USA is where ancient egypt was. Thats why memphis and philidelphia (both ancient egyptian cities) are located in USA. So it's possible that "african americans" were there in anchient egypt. But ancient egypt was actually in America, and they never 'came over' from Africa. They've always been here. I guess one final observation worth pointing out is the difference between dark skinned americans and dark skinned africans. But I'll leave it at that, because that can be a touchy subject.