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WWII / Cold War Hoax

One of the first things I think of these days when I think of World War II, is the theory that Hitler was a character played by Walt Disney. It's one of those things, the first time I ever heard someone say it, it just made sense to me that "they" would do something like that. See, "they" are obsessed with duality, so it would make sense for them to use the same actor to play someone 'evil' and someone 'good'. Kind of interesting to note, that these days, most people see Disney as being obviously satanic and evil, and Hitler hasn't been this popular since 1933! So there's another reversal idea, that the chracter publicly seen as "good" was actually evil and satanic, and that maybe the character smeared as "evil" wasn't as nasty as portrayed.

This is not my original theory at all, but I think it's true

There's even memes about it

Since this is a big topic, and I have made many videos on it, I will give a broad overview of main ideas and then show some interesting photos.

Hoax "war" is used as a tool to re-write history and to destroy old-world buildings. This is tied in with the hoax air raids. How could the city of London be under constant air raids for a long period of time (allegedly) and yet Big Ben was never destroyed? How come buckingham palace wasn't completely leveled? Because it was not a real war. During the night, they would demolish old-world buildings they didn't want to keep, and then claim that air raids were destroying everything. A big truth that puts all of this into perspective is the fact there was an earth-wide civilization who built incredible masonry buildings all over the earth. That is why we see huge, ornate, masonry buildings that all resemble one another spread across the northern land masses. These buildings often have a sunken basement floor, and it is my opinion that these giant masonry buildings were here before Noah's flood, which is why they sank into the ground. Notice how they tell us that lots of big cities were "built on swamps". I've heard this of Washington DC, and Mexico City, for example. And for every city that is "built on a swamp" is another with an 'underground'. They tell us cities like New York and Paris have entire cities underneath them. Also, the word "downtown" probably refers to down, under ground. The truth is, these cities have really old giant masonry buildings in them that were there before the great flood. "Free-Masonry" is a reference to the fact that these masonry buildings were found, for free; these buildings are literally free-masonry. Finders keepers. Then they just made up stories and claimed their grandparents built the buildings.

Old-World buildings all look alike (and they don't build them like they used to!) and they often are slightly crooked from sinking into the ground after Noah's flood.

A big part of WWII hoax is the nuke hoax. It never made sense why a tiny island country of Japan would sneak attack USA all by themselves. Also the kamikazi stories are just that, stories, and so is submarine warfare. Think of how many people lie about the size fish they catch. People lie about war stories constantly, and masons love to fake their deaths and become new people. Back to the nuke hoax, this is a topic I could make a page on, but it's a topic that actually a decent number of people know about and talk about online, so do some research. Check out this video of a whistle-blower from times past who would eat uranium. Japan was firebombed. Those cities were made of mostly wooden buildings, and if you look at the aftermath photos many buildings are still standing, because nukes are a hoax and nothing more than hollywood propaganda. Many explosions make mushroom clouds. They just use hollywood cinematics to make explosions larger-than-life. Nukes are an example of fear based mind control.

They tell us this building directly under the blast site is still standing. But that directly contradicts the idea of nukes being this all-powerful bomb.

Here's a random youtube video on nukes being hollywood propaganda. I haven't watched it, can't say how good it is, just showing you there's stuff out there for you to research.

The only things I have to say about the Cold War is that it was a major part of the space-race and part of the fear based programming to get people to believe in nukes and believe that the countries of the world are willing to kill one another. The new world order is already here, all political 'tensions' are fake and are part of the world's stage. That is another thing I often think of when it comes to the "cold war". "Cold War" is similar to "Civil War" in that the name itself is an oxymoron. And we get a big theater-of-war reference when it comes to the Cold War because of the Iron Curtain.

Here's an interesting read. Of course, I do not believe the official narrative. In fact, it is a common thing that those in control do, is they admit that certain aspects are faked. It's a form of disclosure and mocking. They will readily admit that many aspects are faked or they love stories like this, fooling people with fake things. It's a meta-joke because the whole war is a hoax. A similar idea is how in many hoax animal videos they will present a really bad obvious one and admit it is fake, and put it next to the better looking fake.


churchill baphomet handsign

inflatable tank

they made lots of these

they use the same thing in films

these fellows were allegedly POWs, great spirits


people taking a nap, or "dead" bodies?

blimps are cool


more naps

Why are POWs so common? It makes no sense to capture a ton of enemies.

great morale

fun times

this is supposed to be a dead body

I wanna know where the mediocre soldiers were. Why did they all get so highly decorated? Very feminine to accessorize. Regalia is homo.

666 handsign and baphomet handsign

mummy costume

more staged 'injury' photos

doesn't look too action-packed

lots of smiles


passed out drunk or "dead"?

all smiles

say cheese!

This section is dedicated to showing the city of Dresden Germany before and after much of the old-world (pre-Noah's flood) buildings were destroyed.



before and after







before (look how old some of this stuff already looked!)


before (what a cool house)


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